While the clock tics down on our moving date, my heart is finally ticking at the correct pace! Our trip to the hospital in Wausau was a 100% success. The new med slowed my resting heart rate from 105-110 to 70-75 beats a minute. The rhythm was still off, so after around 24 hours of being on the new med, they also put me under and gave me a cardioversion. That is a shock to the heart to reset the rhythm. I only needed 1 shock and was in good rhythm.

So I am feeling way better. It’s so nice to not feel like I have the Flu. First time since April 2nd. My heart muscle was weakened some by all the trouble it was put through the past several months, but they said that given some time, the heart muscles will grow stronger. I will have to give up my hopes of becoming an Olympic athlete and will also have to start keeping my activity level closer to my age, but there really are no restrictions, other than to not lift more than around 40 pounds for the next month or so.

So I guess I will not be doing any of the heavy lifting during the move, but have helped Nora and Grace move a lot of the boxes that are not too heavy. This was the look of the garage this morning, before we made a few trips to the storage locker. I did not take an after, but most of the boxes and bins in the foreground are now in storage and I managed to take everything down off the back wall by the work bench and put all of the things on the shelving unit in boxes and they are in storage too.

Still some more small packing and moving to do and then we wait until August 10th for the big move. I think that is going to be a huge change for us. Going from this house to a camper, while we build the shop/office/apartment. I know I will be very happy to get into the apartment. The girls are looking forward to the camping adventure.

Most of this past week was spent on the Wausau trip, as we left Monday afternoon and got home Thursday night, so I really do not have much more to say. Nora was gracious and sent me some of her photos from the past week so I would have more content for this week.

This is a doe and her fawn that we see quite regularly on our trips to Jacobsville. Nora and Grace were fortunate enough to drive by very shortly after the fawn was born as the mom was still cleaning her little one off when they drove by.

The rest are from Nora’s garden. Things have really grown in the past 2-3 weeks and it looks like we will be able to do some harvesting before we move. Some tomatoes are a week or two from being ready. The green peppers are even closer, that one was showing off by doing a headstand! The beans are just beginning to flower, which means they have 10-15 days. Not bad considering all the wet weather this spring kept the planters out of the fields for several weeks later than they usually roll. 🙂

Well, I guess that does it for this week. We will be here all week and it looks like an absolutely beautiful week, so hopefully we will be able to get in a few adventures to share.

Good Night from the Keweenaw..