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Before I explain how you can help, I would first like to take the time to thank you for visiting.  I hope that you will feel comfortable in interacting on the site.  I really wanted the site to reflect more of a community atmosphere.  A place that those of us with common interests can share our experiences and thoughts.  Please don’t be shy, if you wish to remain anonymous I will be happy to see to it that your request is met.  

Here is how you can help.

1)  Please play an active role in the interactive features of this site, such as the guest shots and ask John.  These features are set up for the visitors and can only succeed if there is participation on your part.  I really do consider all who visit my friends and really do like to interact with you all.

2)  If you know of a business which would benefit from being represented on this site, please notify either me or them so that we can communicate to each other and see if a relationship can be formed.

3)  I am seeking donations for the upkeep and to make improvements of the site.  To thank those who make a contribution of $10 or more, I will put you on an e mail send list and you will automatically receive the forecast text and graphics as soon as I am finished producing them in the morning.  It will be like having your own private weather forecasting service!  I will be using a blind carbon copy method of sending, so all e mails will remain confidential.  I will also not share your e mail with any other person or company.  I hate junk e mail as much as the next person.  You are by no means obligated to donate and I will not be upset by anyone who visits regularly and interacts on the site who does not make a contribution.  This site was initially created to serve the visitors and that will always remain it’s number one priority.  The whole idea behind the donations is to provide a way that visitors can say thank you if they so choose.



Persons have made very generous donations
and I would like to thank them by giving them Life Membership
status to the forecasts via e mail.
For those wanting Life Member status, I will grant that status
to anyone donating $100 or more to the site.


Donations can be made out to John Dee and sent to:
PO Box 182
Mohawk, MI  49950

I also am a Paypal member.  You can use the button below to make a donation.

Don’t forget to include your e mail address if you want to be on the send list!!!