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No posts about which sled is faster! There is no way to tell in a discussion board which sled is faster. The only way to tell is to put them side by side and run them down the track.  Besides, 95% of these posts end up in mindless brand bashing.

No Foul Language.  Basically, if you would not say it in front of your mom or grandmother or minister, then do not say it here!  Besides, using foul language just makes you sound that much more ignorant!

No Personal Attacks.  If you disagree with someone, you can state your point, but attacking someone personally is off limits.  Besides, it is of little interest to anyone on this site but you anyway!  Even brand bashing can be considered a personal attack.  There are too many ways one can do a personal attack, so I will not give examples.  To be safe, think of it this way:  If you do not have something positive to say about someone, then don’t say it here!  In addition, I ask that persons do not post warnings to avoid certain businesses.  While I am all for getting word out about businesses that are treating their customers poorly, I personally have no way to verify any stories that could be posted on this board, so I would just like to have you all refrain from posting them and keep me out of trouble!

No Advertising.  This site is supported by it’s advertisers and it is not fair to advertise your business or web site in this forum.  There is a classifieds section and if you have any doubts if your post would break the rules,e mail me. For businesses that advertise on this site, we have created a special topic in which you may post a plug for your business as often as you want. I ask that you please do not post unsolicited plugs for your business in the other threads though.

No posts with Religious or Political viewpoints.  I am religious and political too, but these are two topics almost certain to offend, so it’s just best to avoid them in this forum.

In the Classifieds…If you feel a price being asked is not right, feel free to e mail the person, but please do not post your personal opinions on what something is worth on this discussion board.

Thanks a ton for following the rules !-John