Thank you for your interest in advertising on this site.  This site receives visits from 50,000 to 70,000 different individuals a day during the snow season and has been ranked as one of the top 3 snowmobile related websites in the world!  Not only that, but the vast majority of it’s visitors are persons planning a trip to the northern Midwest to come and have fun in our playground and are in need of information about the region.  Those are just the types of people you need to get in touch with.
I also believe this site will be an asset to your business by reaching new people.  Chances are most of your current advertising has already reached it’s audience. Advertising on this site opens up your business to a whole new list of potential customers.  It also allows you to reach people wanting to make last minute plans.  Imagine your area being hammered by a new snowstorm with 12″ of fresh snow down.  Visitors to my site will have that information and will immediately turn to this directory to plan a last minute trip!
One final bit of information… The site does run all year long, with folks checking out the summer forecast for all of their outdoor activities.

The advertising options and rates are the following:


    Includes: all your contact information, a brief description of your amenities and a link to your site if you have one. Please keep descriptions of your business to 50 words or less.


    Includes:  A guarantee of at least 2000 impressions (views) of your ad per month.  The ad is part of a rotation with other ads which refresh every time the page is reloaded.  While I guarantee that you will receive at least 2,000 impressions per month for the $50, in reality you will likely receive much more than the minimum, as it is doubtful that I will ever have enough ads to completely use up the views that the site receives.  Currently all the banners are being seen by 7,000-10,000+ visitors per month.  The ad is graphical in nature and also provides a link to your site.  All you need to do is supply the graphic (.gif, animated .gif or .jpg maximum size 550 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall) to be used as the banner as well as the web address to link it to.  Please note: there is a 3 month minimum for a banner ad.

  • SPONSOR A SPECIFIC PAGE ON THE SITE – jd@johndee.come-mail me for details.

    This gives you full time exposure (no rotation) to the visitors of the site.  It gives you the potential of as many as 50,000+ visitors viewing your ad daily.  Includes a graphical link to your site as well.


This is an ever-present ad. It displays in the header section of the site and is seen by ALL visitors to the site, no matter what section they go to. Rates start at $35 a          week and rental of this spot is done on a weekly basis. Check out the availability calendar for pricing and availability.

To become part of this sites success, just send me the appropriate information via E Mail and I will invoice you for the services.  When sending a banner ad, please make it a .gif or .jpg with a size of up to 550 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall. Also include the months you want the banner to run (remember a 3 consecutive month minimum on all banner ads). Traditional mail may also be used, my address is:

John Dee
27434 Red Rock Road
Lake Linden, MI 49945