The Never Ending Weekend

That’s exactly what it feels like. Although I am still very much not used to it. Just about every evening, I start thinking about the next day’s challenges will be and if I am prepared for them. It then hits me that I don’t have to work tomorrow. I can just sit and relax and enjoy the evening. In the past, it was only Friday evening I was able to feel that way. Now it is every evening!

Now, if we could just get the weather to be more cooperative for all my free time. When I wrote last Sunday, it was snowing. It also snowed Monday and even for a period Tuesday. In fact, some of the snow squalls on Tuesday were quite vigorous and quickly put an inch or two on the ground. Things started to improve on Wednesday and by Thursday, we had sunshine and temps around 60. That was nice enough that after dinner, we headed to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand and quietness there this time of the year. I did bring the drone and even did a nice fly around the beach and the light, but was trying some new software for the drone that let’s be see it in first person view via a 3D headset. While in FPV, I cannot control the camera. Then not long after that first flight, I lost connectivity with the drone and it ended up crashing. Nothing broken and I am very glad that it malfunctioned over land and not Lake Superior, or that would have been the last of that drone!

Most of Friday was pretty nice. By the afternoon, some clouds did roll in and we even had a few sprinkles occur by the evening. Those clouds and sprinkles were associated with a cold front that brought much cooler temps and even snow on Saturday. It’s not extremely rare to have snow towards the end of April. Just 3 years ago we had a dandy of an April snow event. However, because the second half of February and most of March were to tame, it stinks to be cold and snowy in April. The locals are all taking it well. By the time we get to this time of the year, most snows draw little more than a slight shaking of the head. It’s too late for it to be of any good and will not last long and in a month, the trees will be opening their leaves and many will have cut their grass once or twice. So rather than getting all bent out of shape about it, most are just sort of: “Whatever”.

Today was sunny, but chilly. Out high only around 37. The sun melted the snow and also helped it to feel warmer than 37, so after lunch, I took to the skies in the drone once again. I did wear the goggles, but only to get me into place to take some pictures. It is very hard to see the screen of my phone (which displays the image the drone camera sees, as well as some other control), and wearing the goggles eliminates the issues with the sun. Then once I got to where I wanted to take some pictures, I took the headset off, took the phone out of it and took the pictures. Not a lot, as I was still nervous about losing connection with it on Thursday. So I just hovered over the compound and took a shot of the house and shop and then a shot of the shop with white city beach and the south entry and light visible in the background.

It looks like I need to get online and search for solutions to a dropped signal with my drone and controller. Hopefully there will be one, or I might have to go and get a new one! 🙂 

Not much to report on the health front. I do have some appointments set at the Mayo Clinic for May 26th. Just one procedure and then a consult with the Dr. afterwards. The procedure is a right heart catheterization, which can be for just getting imagery, or for inserting stents, or both. I plan to call tomorrow to see what the plans are for this cath. Somehow I get the feeing that it is just to get imagery, as it would be a little strange to have the stent work done before even meeting the doctor, but not totally unusual.

I guess that about covers it for this one. The weather for the week ahead does not look to promising either. Snow tomorrow morning, then rain in the afternoon. Some more rain towards the end of the week and fairly cool temps as well. Looks like another week of hanging out inside!

Good Night from the Keweenaw..