The Locals are Back

For the past few weeks, the snowbirds have been flying and driving south for the cold season. For some around here, their trek was not too far south, such as Pennsylvania or Ohio, but for others it has been a true heading south, to places like Tucson, AZ, Houston, TX and Okeechobee, FL. I still cannot see myself heading south for the entire cold season, but I could see myself getting away for a week or two sometime in February and I could easily get away for the entire month of April. I suspect that when Grace has left the house and Nora is retired, we will be doing just that. For now we stay and tough it out, occasionally taking the spring break trip.

For some locals, their appearance has just started to take place. They are a much quieter neighbor, mostly keeping to themselves and only swinging by to grab a bite to eat. Most of these locals are actually around all year long, but are even more strict in their ways of keeping to themselves. The other morning, I was looking out one of the picture windows in our living room and happened to spot one of these locals. Some of the ladies of this clan have actually been seen out and about for a couple of weeks, but the gentlemen of the group have only just begun to hang out under the apple trees or other sources of food. That was a pretty healthy 8 point buck and yesterday Nora spotted a 6 pointer. 

It’s actually quite rare to see buck so close to a residence during the daylight. At least here in the Keweenaw. The doe’s are much less shy about being close to human dwellings and the bucks hormones are what is driving them to do what they are doing right now. In around two months or so, that drive will go away and they will go back into hiding. Also dropping their antlers, which makes it difficult to tell the males from the females. I have a feeling that both that 8 point and the 6 point will not make it through the main hunting season that starts November 15th. A buck that is not afraid to wander close to where humans live during the day is not a very smart one. Or, perhaps I have it all wrong. They are super intelligent and know that we are still a few weeks away from the 15th and will go into hiding then!

It is amazing and wonderful how quiet the neighborhood is. Not that I don’t like my human neighbors. Quite the opposite. This is an amazing community, one like I have never been part of before in all of my life. Everyone is respectful of each other and are quick to offer a hand, even if not asked. We also have such good times at our picnics, pot lucks and bonfires. The ladies plan to resurrect the quilting club and the Jacobsville Gent’s club is alive and well. In any case, I do love the solitude of Jake in the cold months. Seems like you have the entire place to yourself. The quiet roads become even quieter and if you listen carefully, you can hear yourself think. There is just such a relaxing feel to things once the summer sun cools.

Speaking of the cooling, we have cooled to where we should be this time of the year and Calumet saw their first snowflakes of the season on Friday and while letting the dogs out before bed last night, I got to be part of Jake’s first flakes of the season. I tried to take a few pictures of the flakes falling, but the camera just could not pick them up. So I tried a short video and for whatever reason, the video setting did catch the flakes falling from the sky. No accumulation, just a broken layer of slush on the windshield of my truck this morning. None the less, those first flakes of the season bring such joy to my heart and excitement for all the winter goodness to come!

There currently is some accumulating snow seen for much of the lake effect snow belts around Halloween. What would a Halloween in the Keweenaw be without accumulating snow?!

The only other items I have to share are that: 1) I will be starting up the winter forecasts by November 15th, sooner if there is a meaningful snow storm possible for the Midwest. 2) I will be moving the writing of the Journal back to Sunday next week. The Monday date is better in the summer when the girls do not have to get up early Monday and that gives me more time with them on Sunday. So be sure to check in a day earlier next week! 

Good Night from the Keweenaw..