The Break’s Over!

This is Grace. Yes, I’M BACK! I suppose my break’s over. I’ll give my dad a break today.

Monday: On Monday, we pretty much had a normal day. Except for the part that I had school at home. The strangest part of the day was when Bleau and I were playing after I finished school.

Tuesday: On Tuesday I went to school with Mom. I went with her because I was supposed to have a appointment at 2:30, but it got canceled so I just went home when Mom and I were done. 

Wednesday: School was a little tricky on Wednesday, since the site I use for it was being a little finicky. I still managed to get everything done, though. 

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving! On Thursday ( # Turkey Day ) my uncle came over for dinner. We went and played the new racing game that my dad has in the shop after dinner. Then, we came back over for dessert. After he left, I took out my robot and played with it for a little while. Bleau was terrified. 

Friday: On Friday, my parents and I went to a bonfire at our friend/neighbor’s house. Flora and I played for a little while, then we went home. When we were at home, I took out my robot again.

Saturday: I cleaned my room on Saturday. It really needed it. Anyway, the Chickadees were going crazy at the feeder outside the shop, and I went over there. I put some feed in my hand, and some Chickadees actually came and ate out of my hand! IT WAS SO COOL!

Sunday: Today Flora came over to my house and we played for about an hour. When we finished, I had lunch, then came over here. Now, I’m sitting at Dad’s computer, writing this journal.

Other cool stuff: Lately, we have been having a young buck show up on the webcam. Other than that, nothing really cool has been happening.

Well, that pretty much sums up the week, have a good one!