The A Team

So I had a little mishap in the shop Friday afternoon. Not in working wood, but getting things setup. I was moving my bandsaw, which is a big and heavy one. I had leaned it forward a bit to slip a dolly underneath and it started to tip too far. I tried to correct this, but it was too heavy, so I decided to try and keep it from hitting too hard. That worked, but the table for the saw can pivot and it did when it floor. This pinched my hands between the edge of the table and the riser (the part that connects the upper part of the saw to the lower part). The result was for my fingers to sustain some damage. The middle finger on my left hand got it the worst. I ended up losing the tip of that finger. I also broke a bone in my ring finger on my right hand and a few other fingers were squished pretty good. So typing is not an easy task right now and Nora and Grace will be filling in for me. They are with some friends right now, so will be writing tomorrow.

For those that like gore, I do have three pictures of my finger for you to see if you so choose. I will warn you though, they are not for the faint of heart, so IF YOU CHOOSE TO LOOK AT THESE PICTURES, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK! I should be back to full duties for next week. Here are the shots:
Nasty 1
Nasty 2
Nasty 3