Summer, again?

I hadn’t planned on writing this week so it might of a short one. You wouldn’t think it, but much thought needs to go into writing the journal every week. If I plan ahead of time to write, I like to take extra photos that I think you might all enjoy. This week we will have a little of everything. Another interesting thing is every time I write, I really need to think “did I already mention this or you this picture before”. 

Today is magnificent! I honestly can’t believe it’s November 8th and I just took a walk with a t-shirt on. In fact, the entire week has been such a gift. Over coffee this morning, my mind was wandering, wondering how many people woke up today, and didn’t look at this beautiful, sunny, warm, summer like day, as a gift? I truly hope not many because that would be sad. 

We had a few friends over last night for a bon fire. The weather was perfect, and the company was even better! We were up a bit later than normal, so we all slept in until this guy wanted some breakfast around 8 am. We haven’t posted many pictures of Kashi and Dune. Not because we don’t love them to pieces but because they are always on the go! I have many blurring ones in my collection. Dune is my buddy, and I seriously can’t believe how quickly I feel in love with that guy. He is a sweetheart. I’d love him more if he would stop eating our socks, towels and underwear. Nothing is safe if Dune’s around. And the guy has got some speed so you must act fast. Let’s not forget Kashi girl….she loves her Gracie more than any other Dee human. She takes treats like a lady, unlike the boys in the house. She’s a bit finicky at times and likes do things her way in her own time. I’ve been calling her “special invitation girl” when it’s time to go outside. She let’s all the others go first, then gets right to the door and turns around. As if she is too good to go out with all those stinky boys! 

Back to today….Gracie and I decided to take a walk down to our friends for a visit. Actually, she rode her bike and I walked. The sun was shinning and the air was so warm. The path to their home was beautiful this morning. So peaceful and still. We visited for awhile and then decided to take the lakeshore home. We stopped for an overdue “selfie” and enjoyed the view of the lake, which was very calm this morning. Gracie did a bit of beach combing and found this heart shaped piece of beach glass.

It’s days like this that I never want to take for granted. We have so many blessings, and living here is high on the list. To be able to raise Gracie here in this community, surrounded by wonderful friends/neighbors is such a gift. We are free to go in our woods and explore nature. Visits with friends who nurture us, help us to grow and inspire us! And every now and again you get a chance to meet a new farm animal. That look in her eyes, tells you how many farm animals she’d love to have at our house. 

On lazy weekend mornings, I find myself in the chair with my coffee. I love to watch the birds eat from the trees and the feeder. One really just needs to watch the birds to see what the weather will be like. Two weeks ago, I looked out and saw a pretty big partridge sitting in our crab apple tree. It wasn’t long and John and Gracie started spotting more. I think we ended up seeing 5 total in that tree. It looks as if they were eating the old, dried up crab apples. I’m sort of a brat with my brothers so I quickly sent a picture of the tree loaded with birds, as he had just been up here hunting. They weren’t as successful at shooting them as I was with my camera. 

School is still in session around here, but every day I wonder if this will be the day we are sent home for another “cool down”. Thankfully we don’t have covid where I work or Gracie goes to school, but the numbers in the UP continue to rise. The kids are so happy to be in school and honestly so are the staff. School without kids in the building is actually depressing. Just ask this guy. He loves his “job” and has just turned into the best dog! At school…ha! Actually, he’s not terrible at home but he’s a much different dog at home. Probably one of the biggest issues at school is him smelling food, following it and then eating it. A couple weeks ago he finished the math teachers soup when she was in a meeting, ate the Principals powder puff donut and drank 1/2 cup of my coffee. That was just one week. At this point, we’ve lost track of how many sticks of butter have ended up in his belly. Good thing he’s cute! 

Well, I think that’s it for this week. 

Good night from Jake!