Somebody Show this Guy the Door!

It’s probably old news to most of you, but Old Man Winter will just not leave this season. Monday was cold, but dry and then we tried to warm up a bit for Tuesday, but the warming was cut short by rains that started up by midday and then intensified by late in the day. It rained fairly steadily during the day on Wednesday and then overnight, the rain changed to snow and by Thursday morning, there was a fresh 3-4″ down on the ground across the greater Jacobsville region. It continued to snow off and on through the day on Thursday, as well as into the overnight.

The snows did not amount to much more than an inch during the day on Thursday, but overnight, with both the intensity of the snow and the lack of melting sunlight allowed another 3-4″ to fall in most areas by Friday morning. It came down fairly heavily through most of the day on Friday, but with the strong April sunlight fighting its way through the clouds, we only managed to pick up a few inches of new snow. Friday night brought more snow activity, with around an inch or so and there was no letup in the snows Saturday, with another couple of inches falling, 

The snows did stop as the day ended on Saturday, but they decided to return for a few more hours this morning and then ended, leaving us with sunshine filtered through high clouds. Much of the snow that fell since Wednesday night melted today, so we are back to patches of ground, snow and standing water. 

That situation does not look to remain in place for too long, as another weather system and snows is approaching us from the west and looks to have the ground lightly coated by mornings light. Light snows then look to fall through most of the day tomorrow and be over by around midnight. Just plain old rains look to fall for Wednesday night and more rains are seen for later in the weekend. So a wet spring it will be for sure.

At this point, most of the locals, me included, are not really strongly hoping for anything, for fear of having our hopes dashed. For the past month or so, just when it looked like spring might be here for good, the atmosphere proved it had a different idea and brought us more winter weather. So I think we are all just going to take it as it comes, knowing that we are just weeks away from the time of the year when spring weather dominates things and there is just a small chance of getting some cold and an even smaller chance for the white stuff.

I have no pictures to share with you. Monday I was still laying low recovering from last weeks surgery. Then on Tuesday I actually felt worse and by Wednesday, I was spending almost every moment in bed, sound asleep. Turns out I came down with influenza A. Because of all my preexisting conditions, I was taken to the emergency department Wednesday afternoon and then admitted to the floor for Thursday and half of Friday and came home early Friday afternoon. The good folks at the hospital did their job in helping my body fight the bug and get feeling better and then lots of laying low at home since Friday afternoon has allowed my body to continue to get better. I am still not 100%, but if the current trend continues, I should be fairly functional in another 2-3 days.

So I guess that about covers it for this week. Have a happy rest of your Easter and I will talk to you all next week!

Good Night From the Keweenaw..