Slow Going

Before I get into the meat of this shorter entry, I will mention that I have an appointment in Marquette tomorrow, so will not be able to do a forecast tomorrow. My apologies.

The past week seemed to fly by. The girls did not have school last Monday, due to the snow, winds and cold. we never got warmer than 4 above and the winds that gusted to 55 mph created windchills of -25. Not really a non of new snow, but enough that when combined with the winds, created near zero visibility at times. We had off and on snow most of the week, but never really more than a couple of inches ever 24 hours or so. This really has been a weird winter so far. There have been almost no big snow events, rather just creeping along with a few inches here and there. It is starting to become more and more noticeable to everyone up here. The absence of deep snow on the level and gigantic banks on the side of the roads.

The snowmobile and ski trails have been able to hold up pretty well so far. The little bit of fresh that we have been getting every few days is managing to keep most of the snow just fresh enough. It seems like traffic has been down the past week or so. Typically this weekend is one of the busier up here because of Martin Luther King Jr day on Monday, but I was out riding with friends yesterday and then ended up at the Parkview in Twin Lakes for dinner and there was hardly a soul in the place by the time we were finishing up and that was only around 6 pm or so. 

The ride yesterday was good. A bit on the chilly side, especially when it was time to hit the trail to end the day, but the backcountry was not too beat up, just needed more snow to amp up the fun scale while out there. Today Grace and I finally made it to the field by us. She had an absolute blast zipping around the field. We’re the only ones that can get in there to ride, so it had no tracks in it and about a foot of snow on it. She nearly got stuck at first and I was wondering if the lugs on the track were going to be too short for her to get around in the powder with, but it turns out that she was just being cautious at the start and once she found here grove, the sled had no problem getting around. I don’t know who had more fun, her racing across the field, or me watching her! What I do know is that a biler was born today!

I guess that about covers if for this one, the forecast for the week is looking OK, but not as good as it was on Friday. There is still a clipper for Tuesday, but it is now indicted to bring around 2-4″ to the northern 1/4 of MN, all of the UP and far northern WI (around the northern most 2 counties of the state. Another 2-5″ of lake effect in the UP for Wednesday, then pretty quiet until the weekend when another 2-4″ looks to fall in northern MN, far northern WI and most of the UP. No melting to occur in the Northwoods anytime soon.

Until next time…

Good Night from the Keweenaw..