Gonna be a quick write for sure. I am short of events, short of adventures, short of pictures and we all have been short of snow up here. Living down here where the snow totals are always less, it does not even seem like we are living in the Keweenaw. The tiny spits of snow from time to time are not what I am used to. Truth is, it has not been that much different in the big snow area of the high country, only that they have about twice the snow on the ground as we do, so that would make it seem like the Keweenaw.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I would love to have more snow, but a few years back I taught myself to just take it all as it comes and be grateful for what we have, rather than get all down on the “what if’s”.

For the month of February so far we have only picked up 7″ of snow. If I extend that back through the last two weeks of January, I would only be adding 11 inches of snow to that seven. 18″ of snow from middle of January through the middle of February? That has to be some kind of a snow-drought record. Amazingly, all the reports I have been getting from snowmobilers visiting the area are that trails are in very good shape. That all can be chalked up to our groomer operators. Just yesterday, one of our groomers counted 917 sleds in his 12 hour shift.

The forecast does not look real promising for big snows either. Maybe 3-5″ this week and not much seen for the weekend or early next week. Wonder if we will get into a snow cycle before we turn the corner towards spring? Only about a month away and we usually start to see the March sun start eating into the snowpack.

The good news is that we still have a whole bunch on the ground up here and no big thaws are seen, so it will just be steady as she goes for a while longer. 

Really not much else going on. I did not take any pictures early in the week and then Thursday and Friday were really too cold and windy to spend much time outdoors, so I am picture less this week.

I have been enjoying working on putting my shop together. It has been a slow process, but I am actually trying to slow things down and do it right the first time. The chances are exceptionally high that this will be the shop that I use the rest of my life and that many of the things I am doing now will not be undone in my lifetime either. The slowing it down is good for me. Many of my past projects were tied into a time frame for one reason or another and thus were done at a pace that does not bode well for perfection or near perfection. So it is nice to be able to stop, re-group and get it right before calling it “done”. I am still probably at least 2-3 weeks away from having a functioning shop, perhaps more, but am really having fun.

I guess that gets you all caught up on things up this way. Perhaps next week will have more excitement for you all! “till then…

Good Night from the Keweenaw..