Settling Dust

I’m pretty sure this will be a short one. Last week was pretty busy with getting the new Discussion Board going and also putting out the seasonal outlook. My mom is also still here and will be headed home the day after next. Even though she has said she will be fine and I can go about my regular duties, I have chosen to spend most of the day with her and not leave her alone in the house.

The leaves are in the process of falling now. Some areas appear to be nearly bare, while others are about half bare. The weather has still been much more like September than October. Today we look to warm to around 65 and tomorrow are suppose to hit the low 70’s. That will be it as far as warm weather goes the rest of this week and we might even have a bit of wet snow fly by the weekend. The typical, early season lake effect/enhanced stuff, where the higher terrain away from the lake has the best chances and others near the lake almost no chance. It would be pretty cool to see the first flakes and depending on my schedule and where the closest flakes are flying, I may take a road trip to catch them.

The “snowbirds” are heading south one-by-one now. A few left Jake in the last 10 days, another left this morning and I know of some others leaving in the next week or so. It’s been interesting to live here and experience the departure and arrival of those that are only here during the warmer months. I knew it went on all across the Keweenaw, UP and Northwoods, but most of my neighbors in Lake Linden and then when we were up outside of Mohawk were year round residents. It’s almost like a mini season itself, only not as well defined as the ones you would find in a calendar. 

I am taking advantage of these two beautiful days to get the pool put away. It has been mostly drained for about 3 weeks, but the pool pump cannot get all of the water out and I have to use a submersible pump to get the final 5-6 inches out. I am down to about 3 inches right now and plan to have it empty before my mom takes us all out to dinner this evening. Then tomorrow will come the disassembly and packing up and I will be left with one outdoor chore to do, cut and store some wood for our fireplace and one that needs to be done before the real snow flies and that is putting the blower on the front of Big Red. 

Of course there will still be leaves to get up and one or two more grass cuttings, but I guess if they did not get done until the spring, it would not be the end of the world. I am really hoping for the day that we can get a pool that does not have to be taken down. I ALMOST had Nora convinced this year, but then she wisely talked me out of spending that amount of money that needed to go to other things.

I can’t really remember anything else to talk about, so I guess I will end it here. Have a great week everyone and maybe, just maybe, I will have some snow shots for next week!

Good Night from the Keweenaw..