Rivers, sap, deer, people…they are all running up here now. I’m sure I missed a few others, but those were the obvious. One of the few things not running yesterday was my fingers across the keyboard. One thing led to another and before I knew it, the end of the day was drawing near for me and I had to delay until today. It always amazes me how I can seem to be so busy, yet not much to prove for it! Actually, Nora and I did get a fair amount of yard work done yesterday and I did get out to check on some of the waterfalls and the evening ended with a mystical magic show put on by Gracie. So I guess I did a bit of running around too!

The weather played a bit of a role in my not writing yesterday. It was not a stellar day, but mid 50’s and sunshine was still quite nice. Today we are headed into the low 70’s, so I am trying to get this done during one of my slow moments this morning, so I can be outside the afternoon and evening and enjoy the weather. If we do hit the 70 degree mark today, it will be the first time we have been there since October 21st of last year. With snow still on the ground, that is only 6 days longer since we last had bare ground. 3 inches of snow fell on the 27th of October and never then never left. I still have a little over a foot on the ground now, but with 70’s today and tomorrow and then 50’s and 60’s the rest of the week, it is not likely to last long.

We have had quite a bit of snow loss in the past week and the difference between now and 2 weeks ago is even more dramatic. If you remember in the last entry, I had a picture of the pups in the parking area after clearing the last of the 22″ that fell around 2 weeks ago and in that picture, the swing set was completely buried. Here is the look of things yesterday afternoon. So we are getting there. Still plenty of snow in the woods and there is no doubt that if I wanted to take a May snowmobile ride tomorrow, I could. Even without have to trailer anywhere. But that feat just does not hold the sense of accomplishment it held before it first happened for me around 7 or 8 years ago and the other 2-3 years I have either done it, or could have done it since.

The melting snows have lead to swelling rivers up here. None of them have reached a level where they are creating a serious problem, but have made for some great waterfall peeping. Yesterday, while the girls were attending a play at the Calumet Theater, the pups and I headed out for a quick tour of a few. The obvious, first choice is the Eagle River Falls. They are some of the most dramatic up here and probably the first or second easiest to view.

When we arrived yesterday the parking lot at the falls was completely filled up, which is something I rarely see, even at times when the falls are flowing well. What is also interesting and fun is knowing about 1/2 of the folks that are there taking them in at the same time. Gotta love a small community! At any rate, I parked and then walked over to the old HWY 41 bridge that is now the way pedestrians cross the river there, as well as get a view of the falls. As I was walking, I figured I must have gone to see these falls at least 100 times since moving up here, but once there, the view never gets old. There is just something about them that never gets old. Want to see them flowing? Then click here.

Just up the road a bit, on the way to Eagle Harbor, is another set of falls, the Jacobs Creek falls. Less dramatic, but even easier to view. Had I been in the passengers seat, rather than driving, that last pic would have been my view out the window, the falls are that close to the road. With plans to get back home and write the entry, we did not go to any of the other falls around here, but I did promise the pups that we would stop at the beach for a quick romp before going home.

I realize that most of you think I am just joking when I say I promised the pups we would go to the beach, but it is true. It is amazing the words that dogs will learn- especially if it relates to food or fun! As soon as they heard the word “beach”, they new what I meant and the deal was sealed. No turning back! Once there, it took them all of about 7 seconds to run from the truck to the water. It’s always amazing to me how they can just jump in that freezing cold water. I realize that their fur does protect them some, but not totally. They typically do not spend a lot of time fully immersed in the water when it is that cold, but Huck did swim out to check out the ice chunk that was floating off shore. Once he got out to it and realized it was nothing that appetizing, he left it and swam to shore. Millie, however, lived up to her retriever pedigree and ended up swimming out and bringing it back in. Perhaps in her attempt to help get the lake warming up.

Not a whole lot more is going on around here. The melting season is always one of down time. Gracie and my brother did take a short snow shoe walk in the woods yesterday and I have started my regular morning walks with the pups and all the Dee’s took a little walk yesterday after dinner as well. It is nice to be out and breathing in the fresh air and getting some exercise. It is hoped that all of the Dee’s will be a little more active this warm season. The change in momentum will be the difficult part, but once we are moving regularly, I think it will just be part of our days.

I have just one more picture to share with you. We hang a decorative flag at the end of our driveway all year long. The actual flag gets changed out a dozen or so times through the different seasons and this past Friday, Nora dropped Gracie off at the end of the driveway, so she could grab the current flag (with an Easter theme), bring it into the home and get it swapped out. It is quite the formal affair and I thought you all would enjoy being a part of it.

Good night from the Keweenaw..