Ready or Not

Apologies for not writing last week, but Monday was a holiday and Jacobsville had it’s second annual Labor Day Picnic! The weather was about as perfect as it could get with temps in the 70’s, sunshine and a nice breeze. We had a good turnout with about 30-40 folks there. See how there is only around 50-60 folks living in the neighborhood, the 30-40 that came was a good turnout! Nora and some others have really done a great job of resurrecting some of the social events that used to happen “back in the day” as well as creating some new events. The population continues to grow as well, especially in the year-round category. There was two folks from the Wausau area that built a home last fall through this spring and moved in as soon as it was done. Another couple is building a new place just down the road from us and it looks like a family of 4 will be moving into the area this November. They will be living within walking distance or a short bike ride from us and have a daughter that is Grace’s age and a son a year older. So Grace could potentially have some new friends close enough to visit on her own.

Speaking of Grace, she started 7th grade last Tuesday. It’s hard to believe that she is in 7th grade already, seems like the first day of kindergarten was just a few years ago. I realize that before I know it, she will be looking at universities. What a bittersweet day that will be when she heads off to college. So far she has her mind on a university that would be close enough to get home to visit for a weekend or long weekend. That would be nice. I know when I went off to the University of Wyoming for my freshmen year, I only came home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and then met my family in Florida for spring break. I had a ton of fun at W…Y…O… and made some awesome friends, but also did miss my family. So we shall see in 3-4 years what her thinking is. I am not a parent who dreads their child growing up and getting older. I can remember the excitement of getting older when I was young and I want her to never feel guilty about getting older and more independent. 

Tuesday of last week was not only the first day back at school for Grace, but Bleau too! So after the picnic, we took him down to the beach and gave him a nice bath. He took it very well. He is still afraid to go in all the way to where he has to swim, but has gotten braver and will go in as far as the middle of his body. With all of our past labs, bathing them was easy. Toss the stick, when they got back, lather them up and then toss the stick some more times to let them self-rinse! After bathing, Grace ran him up and down the beach to help dry him out. As they were getting close to us, Bleau decided to run and shake at the same time! I don’t believe I have seen a dog do that before!

Our weather has been extremely nice. Still in the dry spell, but lots of heavy dew and with the sun at a lower angle, things are actually turning green. Even with many of the days topping out in the 70’s the nights have been chilly and there is no mistaking that early autumn is here. Lows many mornings are in the 40’s and it is taking until around 10 am for things to start warming up. The evening cool off also comes earlier than it was a month or so ago. By around 4, the temps are headed down.

As far as the color show goes, things are still very green up here. A few early turners, but about 95% of the trees are still green. I have no idea what kind of a color show it will be. I say this every year, but I do believe it needs repeating- especially if you have never been to the Keweenaw to see the autumn colors, our bad years are generally a better show than most other places good years. Our good years are flat out jaw dropping. You will hard pressed to find anywhere better. Several folks from New England that I have come across all say our colors outdo theirs. 

With the weather being so wonderful right now, I am fine going a few weeks more with this type of setup. Last Friday an friend and I took a boat ride up to Houghton and had lunch on the deck of a local restaurant. As we were approaching Houghton, a float plane returning from Isle Royal landed on the water way. I did capture a video of a deHavilland Beaver making a successful landing.

I think that about covers it for this one. Hard to believe that the next time I write (currently planned for next Monday!), it will almost be the end of September. The march towards the snow season is on! I better look for my chook!

Good Night From the Keweenaw..