R & R

Greetings and happy March! I realize I am a few days late in wishing a happy March, but I was a little indisposed this past week. Late in the week before last, I came down with a cold, which morphed into pneumonia and ended up having to go the hospital last Sunday evening to get myself some help in fighting the bug. The local hospital ended up transferring me to the hospital in Marquette on Tuesday and there I sat for the rest of the week. I was finally able to be sprung from the joint Friday evening.

I am still not feeling 100%. Still hanging onto the cold, which has me feeling just run down. So I am not going to be writing too much more tonight and as far as the forecast duties go, I do plan to update my graphics starting tomorrow, but will not be updating the text or doing Snow Church forecasts either.

I feels amazing to be back home and with my girls and Bleau. I am sure that resting in the days ahead will help to get my body back to feeling really good, although I believe this cold virus likes to hang on, as Grace caught it around 5 days before me and she is still fighting it.

I guess that will cover it for this week.

Good Night from the Keweenaw..