Practice Rounds

My apologies for not writing last week. Seems as though time got away from me not only Sunday, but Monday too. I think I also did not have too much material, so that made it easier for me to skip a week. 

This is an interesting time of the year. For the snowbirds, it is a time of packing up and getting ready to head south. Some have already taken flight and others will be heading out in another week or so, with most of the rest to follow by mid-November. For the rest of us, it is time to make sure that we are ready for the snow. Those with plows have likely moved them to a spot that is easy to get to and hook up. Many have already hooked them up to test the hydraulics and either left them on, or dropped them back on the blocks. Anything that we do not want buried under feet of snow is getting stored in a safe spot and those that chose to procrastinate with their firewood are in full scramble mode. 

For me, it has been a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Not too much outdoor work though, as the weather has not been to friendly to being outside. We had either rain or snow or both fall every single day this week. I am glad that I do not have much to do outside at this point and it does look like the weather will be changing dramatically by later this week and into the weekend with dry weather and warmer temps. My main job left outdoors is to get the leaves up off the grass and maybe even cut it one last time. We are also getting a small load of firewood delivered, but that should take less than 30 minutes to get it stored away once it arrives.

I do have some pictures to share this week. Some are even ones that were to be posted last week. Here is one that was taken last Sunday showing the last of the color show in Jacobsville. That was on a spot of the Jacobsville road that hung onto the leaves for longer than most other areas. It must have been more protected from the winds, as it was not late in changing or anything, the leaves just hung onto the trees longer there. I was fortunate enough to be driving by it last Sunday when the sun decided to peak out for a few moments. 

Nora was at the beach earlier in the week, enjoying a brief break in the wet weather and spotted the Coast Guard cutter Alder out in the big lake. It is a pretty busy ship this time of the year, tending to the buoys out on the big lake, as well as the Portage waterway. Here is another shot of it.

The wildlife is also making their adjustments to the change in the weather and state of the woods. The deer have been spotted with more regularity, coming out of the woods for something green to eat. I did put up a wildlife cam and it took a few shots of some visitors to the site before going on the fritz a few days ago. Not sure what is wrong with the camera, but will have to bring it in and see. The large family of turkeys are still wandering around as well. Still 19 in the group, so all have survived so far.

The snows this week have piled up to different amounts, depending where you are measuring. The biggest totals have been in the higher terrain, which is not surprising at all, especially at this time of the year. The lowest totals have been in the lower elevations near the big lake, which includes us! While some areas have seen as much as 5-7″ on the ground, the most we have been able to muster so far is around an inch. It also has not been lasting too long. Even the places that have picked up several inches of snow have seen most of it melt within about 12 hours of falling. The exceptions being the last 2 days where temps have stayed cold enough for the snow to stick around.

I am not jealous of the bigger snows other have gotten right now. It just melts anyway and is kind of a tease. However, in a month, when the snows will be sticking for good, I will start to have snow envy! For now, I am content to watch the flakes fall and coat the ground just enough to make it white. Who know’s, maybe we will get off to another quick start like we did last year and I will not miss the big snows in the high country as much. 

I guess that covers it for this one. Strange to think the next time I write, it will be November! Were getting close!

Good Night from the Keweenaw..