Figured I would start out this entry with the theme of the past week. New Day, New Year, New Decade. For some, maybe new job, or new title or new place to call home. We obviously had quite a few new things come into our life and some leave. I am a bit upset at myself that I did not mention Millie in my last entry. She was unquestionably the hardest change we had in 2019. Although the stabbing pain of her not being with us anymore is gone, not a day goes by that I do not think of her. I just spent some time going through the pictures of the first three months of the 2019 journals and the pics which included her seem like they happened both a decade and a day ago. She is missed, but still loved very much.

The Dee’s rang in the new year in typical fashion: Quietly sitting at home, playing euchre, then sneaking in a nap, waking up with around 30 minutes before the “ball drop”. Watching it drop along with all the folks crammed into Times Square. Every year we wonder how anyone could think that is fun. Of course, there are more that would think how could what we do ever be fun? That is what is great about this country. To each their own. As soon as the new year arrived, we all bundled up and went outside to ring in our first new year here in Jacobsville.

It was hardly frigid out, but the sky was clear and afforded us a beautiful view of all the stars to be seen. Nearly zero light pollution down here, so if it cannot be seen on a clear night down here, it probably cannot be seen. Not long after that picture was taken, we were all sound asleep.

That which is in charge of the weather gave me my wish from the last entry. While we did have the precip late Sunday night start out as some light rain and snow, it changed to all snow by around sunrise Monday and came down the rest of the day. A solid 13-18″ was reported across the Keweenaw. This was the look of my truck Tuesday morning by the time all was said and done. My official total was 14″.

A little after snapping that shot, I fired up Big Red and asked it to spin up the snowthrower for the first time this season. It was certainly not the first time I could have used it, but the first time it was ready and we had to move snow. It sure is a joy to sit inside the cab and watch the tractor and blower work so well together to clear the snow away from the path I want it to and toss it out of the way. After clearing our two driveways and ice rink I headed off to clear my brother in laws driveway. He has bought a small camp just up the road from us and was arriving later that day to check in and do some work. It is also fun to be driving Big Red down the road with the blower lifted as high as it will go, but still blowing snow because it is so deep.

We did not have much snow to speak of the rest of the week. A dusting here and there, but then around 10 am today, the flakes began to fly in earnest and we have picked up around 3″. It looks like some pretty regular light snows this week and perhaps a larger storm for a week or so from now. I think it is safe to say that we have fallen behind any chance for a record year, but enough winter left to get past the 300″ mark and even a better chance to get to the seasonal average of 240-260. Temps look to be cooler this week, so that will allow things to freeze back up nicely.

If you have not noticed, I did get the Woods Cam back up and running around 2 weeks ago. To add more interest to it, I have a deer feeder in view. It is automated and spins out feed at 6 am, 10 am, 5 pm and midnight. I checked with the DNR and the way I have it setup and where I have it placed is all within the regulations for recreational deer feeding. So be sure to check it out when you are visiting the site. At times there is quite a few deer having a snack. Including a momma and baby, who seem to be pretty regular visitors and were under the feeder in that last shot.

One of the things Gracie got for Christmas was a compound bow and a bunch of nice arrows. I know how to shoot a compound bow, but did not know how to adjust it so that it was easier for Grace to draw back the string. Gracie’s uncle and her nephew both are avid hunters, so when they were up this week, the made the adjustments and helped her get a little practice. She needs to grow just a bit more so that she has the arm length to easily draw it back to the shooting position, but with some help, it can get there and then she can hold it, aim and fire. So far all of the arrows shot are in the snow somewhere!

I think that about covers it for this one. Looks like a nice snowy and cool week for all of the Northwoods, so hopefully most of you can head north and get some of that snowplay out of your system!

Good night from the Keweenaw..