My Turn

Hi everyone, Grace here. I decided to give my dad a break and try writing the journal. I really like it!

Monday was beautiful, and we just had to go to the beach. White City was packed, though, but our neighbors let us come down and use their beach. we all went swimming, even my dad. We also found a ton of beach glass!

On Tuesday we went swimming at our friend’s camp, and had a big storm! At Lake Medora, (my friends’ camp) we only had a little bit of rain and some thunder. But dad says that it poured in Jacobsville! That means that it was our first big storm this summer. It stopped raining by the time that my mom and I got home, but it started again in the evening. Our new dogs were scared, and Dune was whining. At about 9 o’clock, my dad let them out, and they stopped being afraid! When we let them back in the house, though, they were scared again. They sure were outdoor dogs!

On Wednesday we had a problem. We have this mosquito trap in the back yard and the trap was full. Because the trap was full the machine was still attracting the mosquitoes, but was unable to suck them into the trap. We had mosquitoes covering the whole side of the house!

This Friday was my friend Ashlyn’s birthday, and she invited Flora and I, (Flora is another friend) over to her house. Ashlyn has a dock and we had a lot of fun swimming, and jumping off it. After swimming, we ate ice cream for her party treat, and, you guessed it, went back in the water. After the party, my mom and I went home where my cousin Amy was waiting. We went to the beach and I swam for a little bit. (It had really cooled down.) After hanging out at the beach for a little bit, we went and ate dinner at my house. Hamburger time! (We also had local strawberries)

On Saturday, my uncle came over to run with me. (I am planning on signing up for cross country this year.) We ran 2 miles. A few hours later my dad took me kayaking. We were going to take my mom, but she had a hornets nest in her kayak! Anyway, enough about hornets. We offloaded the kayaks from my dad’s truck in the water at the White City boat launch. we kayaked from the boat launch to our other property, about a mile’s ride. When we got to the property, we tied up our kayaks, (I did, my dad beached his) and went for a swim. My dad went out all the way, just like me 😮 He just had to, the water was so warm!

Signing off for the week, I hope I can write the journal again soon, it was so fun!

                                                                                                       See Ya!