By now, most of you reading already know that much of the central and NW UP is about to be hit with what looks to be the biggest snow storm of the season. It’s April 12th.

I am sure some areas to be hit with this storm have seen bigger snows fall this seaon, but those totals were not widespread to that particular event. This one will impact most areas of the UP from Ironwood in the west to Paradise in the east with at least 12″ of snow. Much of north central and sections of NE WI will also see 12″+ of snow. The higher terrain of eastern Baraga and western Marquette counties look to be the areas hardest hit by this storm with 24″+ totals likely and possibly close to 3 feet.

Here in sunny Jacobsville, all of our snow in the yard melted this week. It was a pretty chilly week, but still, anytime the sun was able to shine without any blocking from clouds, the snow melted. I even spotted a few sprouts popping up from beneath the dead cover from last years growing season. I am not sure what they are, but should be able to tell in a few weeks.

The last remnants of the ice rink also melted yesterday, so we were able to pull up all the plastic I put down for it. I am glad to have gotten that plastic off the ground. That way when all the snow melts from the pending storm, it will be able to green up along with the rest of the yard. Plus it was pretty ugly having that plastic half covered and the other half blowing around in the wind! The look out the back windows is much nicer now!

Nora and Grace got the front yard all raked. There were some leaves that fell and were not able to be raked by the previous owners because the autumn was too wet. We moved in and 3 days later were buried under 15″ of snow and the snow never melted until this week. Nora also raked out some of the gardens on the front side of the house. She is chopming at the bit to expand upon the gardens that were here when we moved in, as well as nurture and add to the existing gardens. I am looking forward to expanding upon the berries growing in the gardens and also going out to pick all the wild blue berries and strawberries that are growing in the neighborhood. We have been tipped off by the former owners where they grow, but I think that since we have remained friends, we will have them over to pick with us, if our govener lets us by then!

Not a whole lot else has gone on this week. As mentioned, the weather was not all that great. Pretty chilly and lots of wind. Yesterday was beautiful, with a high of 56 and mostly sunny skies. Nora, Grace and I decided to do a little fishing at the south entry, but just as we got there, the front came through and dropped temps around 10 degrees almost instantly and another 2 degrees fairly quickly. It also brought with it a thick overcast and strong winds out of the west. So we did not last long at the pier, with the cold wind blowing right in our faces.

Yesterday we prepped for the storm. Grace went and brought a nice stock pile of firewood into the garage and I got the portable generator I bought not long after the pre-Thanksgiving storm all ready to go. The shop has it’s stand-by generator, so if or when we lose power, we will be all set this time!

Other than to report all the Dee’s are doing just great and are all healthy, not much else to say. I hope that you all can report the same thing! Until next time…

Good night from the Keweenaw..