Emergency Fill In

Well, I guess there’s only a few ways to get a “guest” writer and losing part of your finger is one of them. Poor John, he just had some really bad luck on this one. For those of you who may have missed the announcement and pictures, John had some heavy equipment fall on his fingers resulting in amputation of part of his middle finger on his left hand. He’s really getting along very well considering. He’s had times of alot of pain but I think those times are getting fewer and fewer…thankfully! Gracie and I were at a figure skating camp for the day in Iron Mountain when we rec’d the call. I’m so thankful that our good friend and neighbor Lisa was around and able to get him to the ER. Living where we do, we are very fortunate to have made many great friends. So Lisa transported him very quickly to the hospital. Since John is on blood thinners that was really my main concern. He had some skin cancer removed last Thursday and even with internal and external stitches, he still had SO much bleeding! So I was really worried that he would lose alot of blood, quickly. But, thankfully that was not the case. The doctor said that he had so much adrenaline in his body,  therefore he didn’t have much bleeding. Pretty amazing! While Gracie was skating there were many calls and texts to see what the plan would be for John. There wasn’t a hand specialist on call at Marquette or Wausau aspirus so the decision was made to amputate. Which we felt really was the best solution long term. With John’s heart problems and being on blood thinners any sort of extra surgery just aren’t the best for him. So the plan was amputate and then he could go home. Gracie and were able to finish up the skating and then we headed home just in time to pick him up from the hospital. He’s bandaged up a bit and still smiling! Not to down play it, but once you’ve had a couple open heart surgeries, a few other heart surgeries etc. losing a bit of the finger is nothing for John Dee! 

The deer continue to hang around. We’ve had an addition of one solo tom turkey as well. He comes earlier in the morning and hangs out around the yard and woods for most of the day. He’s been enjoying the bird seed from the feeder and driving Bleau crazy. The deer are mostly still Bleaus “friends” and most times they just stare at each other. Speaking of Bleau he’s really been doing lots of great things at the school. There was a tragedy at a local school and he spent Friday in that school with or SSW. Sounds like he did real well and was able to make a difference that day for the students. That is the first time he’s “worked” out of his own school environment so it was a pretty big deal for him. He’s really a smart and funny dog. When I’m busy working and he feels like getting my attention he’ll nudge things at my desk just to see if he’ll get a rise out of me. On valentine’s day a cupcake arrived and I put it on my desk. As you can see he is so tall he’s the perfect height to eyeball anything on my desk. We don’t feed him real food except for oranges, apples, cucumbers and that sort of food. John picked up the best oranges at the local store and we’ve started a new tradition of sorts to enjoy the juicy goodness in the afternoon together. Much healthier than what he snagged off the kitchen counter. Little bugger! 

Gracie has been busy with school, piano and as mentioned skating. Our weeks seem to be jam packed but it does help to get through the winter. I do love winter but it can get a little long after awhile. So the extra time at the rink sure makes the winter fly by. Gracie had a special eye test this week to try to determine why she see “dots”. She’s been seeing them since Kindergarten. She has a reading level of a HS student so the dots don’t interfere with her reading or learning but it really bothers her that she didn’t have a reason for seeing them. So her eye Dr. decided to do a special eye test. Thankfully there weren’t any serious problems. She did look super cool in her testing equipment…a little steampunk don’t you say? 

Today we headed over to my brothers cabin. He purchased a place just down the road from us. Gracie has been riding her bike for a few weeks and with the beautiful weather we have had the last 4 days, she didn’t waste an opportunity to get on her bike and head over to the cabin with us. As we approached the neighborhood many deer came from a near by neighbors home, ran across the street in front of her and then back into the other yards. At point she had to stop as the deer were running right out in front of her. As you can see the warm temps have the roads bare in spots and muddy in others. She was pretty covered in mud by the time we returned home. John and I am just so blessed to have this little person who enjoys being outside and exploring and enjoying life! Even when she does give me the “what you talking about Willis”? face

Gracie was actually going to help write this entry with me. But she’s reading “the best book ever” and who I am to put a damper on that. 

Let’s see..what else? I know the snow loving people, which I consider myself to be as well, really are bumming about no new snow of late. But, I for one really am loving this sunshine. People are happier, they have a little more bounce in their step and that really is nice to see. Winters can be long and tough on the folks up here and working in any sort of service job you can really notice it. The sun comes out and everyone is simply kinder. That’s the best part of a little break in the grey days.

All this nice weather has me really itching about gardening! I haven’t fully decided what I’ll do for this year. The long term goal would be to have the large raised beds like we had in Mohawk. They were a bit pricey to make and fill so with needing a full fence in the backyard for the dogs, it will need to wait until next summer. So my dilemma is should I do some square foot gardens or straw bale gardens? There are pros and cons to both. The biggest con to the straw bale is that you can’t find straw around here. Which from what I’ve heard and read hay would work but not as nicely as straw. The other con of that is it would be a totally new form of gardening for me. Gardening brings me so much peace and relaxation that I don’t want to blow it whatever I decide. Of course there is also the option of tilling the space that my grandmother had her garden all those years ago. Which is a very sentimental thought but I really want to get my garden up and going this year. I suppose I’ll think on it a little longer since there is still time. 

So here is  my journal for the year 🙂 

Good night from Jacobsville!