It’s done. The exitus of 3382 Number Six Road has been completed. Actually, it has been completed for over 9 days now. The final days before the closing were pretty crazy, with moving all of the odds and ends that were not moved on the day we had friends and family helping with the big items. In fact, we were not able to get everything out before the closing took place, but the new owners were kind enough to allow me to go back and fill our trailer with one last load. Here is the final “Front of House” shot for that place.

Gracie and the dogs were with me and I have to admit that there were some tears shed by both Grace and I when we took our final look and drove out of the driveway. There were a lot of great memories made there and thankfully, we will be able to hang onto them. There were also more than the fair share of difficult times had there, primarily revolving around my health. It’s nice how the mind seems to be able to put those to rest and we only remember the good times.

Our current, temporary, living arrangement got off to a bit of a rough start. We were actually very blessed with good weather for about 99.5% of the moving process. Some days were a bit on the warm side, but we never got rained on or had to delay a trip to the storage facility because of the weather. That changed on the way from the old house to where we are at now.

There were a few light and spotty raindrops falling when we left the old house and we were probably less than 10 minutes away from the new when the skies opened up and it poured rain. There were a few things in the trailer that were not water proof, but were water resistant. The not so good parts were the fact that we are currently living on a dirt road, which turned to mud with the rain. So many of the items not only got wet, but they got covered in mud. Secondly, the rains let up a bit, but still came down pretty good while we were unloading the trailer and getting the non-waterproof items into a dry area.

Nothing was damaged and the weather cleared by later in the evening and Saturday was dry, but hot and humid. Then Sunday it rained pretty much all day. Which made for some cabin fever on my part. I was really starting to dread the decision to shack up in the temporary setup we were in. Just kidding, that is actually an old barn on the property where the camper we are living in is at.

The weather had been almost ideal since last Sunday’s rain. A bit warm on some days, but nothing out of hand and the camper does have air conditioning that keeps it very comfortable. I can happily say that the streak of dry weather has done wonders for my feelings on our current living situation and the forecast going forward does not look to have a lot of rain in it, at least during the day.

One of the bonuses is that on mornings when Gracie is sleeping with us in the camper, I get to look over at this sight as I do my morning work. That is actually not too often though, as one of her best friends lives just two doors down and they have been sleeping over there for the extra space it allows. Her other best friend lives around 2 miles away and the three of them really have a great time together. After all those years of watching Grace make do with entertaining herself when Nora and I could not do something with her, it does my spirit great good to watch her be able to spend nearly all day with friends playing. The sun is setting on this summer break and school will be starting in a week and a day. They all go to different schools so will not have as much time with each other, but Grace is also excited for school to start so she can get back together with all of her school friends. Then after she gets home from school and all of her chores/homework is done, she will be able to do stuff with her friends.

With the moving over for now, we all have been able to take a breather and relax a bit. On Friday, the Jacobsville Girls (JG’s) and their parents all went to the Houghton County fair and had a fun time. I believe this is the first year of going to the fair that I got out of having to go on all the rides. I guess I have gotten old enough where I take more enjoyment from observing her have fun with her friends than to be on the ride with her!

I am still trying to figure out the best internet connectivity solution for my work. We thought that using our cell phones as hot spots would work good, but it turns out that Apple phones do not always work well with computers running a Microsoft operating system. So it looks like satellite internet provider will be the best way to go…until some other form of service delivery becomes available. I hear that radio is being looked into and they are getting very close to using that technology to provide internet service to rural areas. Only time will tell.

The free time has allowed for some rest and relaxation as well. Gracie took her kayak out for a spin the other day and Nora joined here the next day. Yesterday I strapped on the life vest and grabbed the paddle and headed to the shore to launch my trusty craft. As we paddled along and explored the regions shoreline. We came across a gentleman sailor that had decided to drop anchor and spend the evening and overnight in a little cove. There was smoke billowing out of the grill on the stern of his boat, so we paddled over to see what was for dinner. A nice guy and he did invite us to take a morning sail with him today, but our day was already filled up with activity, so we had to turn down his offer.

As mentioned, this past week has provided some very good camping weather. Not too hot or not too cold and plenty of sunshine. It has also provided some spectacular sunsets and sunrises. The other morning, I was taking Huck for a short walk after breakfast and the air was still, the vegetation was covered in dew and the eastern sky was aglow with the rising sun. Off to the west, the Portage shipping canal was releasing it’s steam to the late summer, chilly air.

Yesterday we all headed down to the beach to hang out for a bit. It was early enough that we had the entire beach to ourselves, but also late enough that the sun had warmed temps enough to where we were comfortable with shorts and t shirts. The pups took to having fun right out of the box. That pic was shot during a rare down moment for them. The did spend most of the time running around and checking things out or playing with each other.

Just then, the army corps of engineers dredging barge came down the waterway and into the big lake. Perhaps to join the small regatta of cabin class boats preparing to race. If that were not enough excitement for the morning, a sea plane came into view and looked to want to strafe the beach. Sure enough, he dropped below the tree line and while no shots were fired, it did create some real excitement for those that were there.

WE have also been making nearly daily visits to the lot where we will be building the workshop and apartment. They got started on things early in the week and by midweek were bringing sand in to use as a pad to build the slab atop of. A day later, all was smoothed out and some forms were in. They plan to have a pretty full crew on site starting tomorrow and keeping it going until it is done. As long as the weather cooperates, the slab could be poured by the end of this week and the building could be pretty well shelled in by the end of next week. Then I jump in and do some things like electrical, plumbing and a few other things an then the spray foam insulation goes in. At that point, I may actually move over there and setup my office there. That way I can be on top of my weather duties at all times, but also can be on site to get work done when ever I hae time!

Although we had wildlife up in the high country of southern Keweenaw County, there is a larger population of critters down this way. Wild turkeys have really taken over things and can be seen in lots of places. Including the road we will be living on.

I think that about does it for this one. Lots more to come in the next few weeks/months, that’s for sure. I do have some great health news to report. When I went down to Wausau in mid-June to have things done to get rid of my a-fib, my ejection fraction was 25-30. That is the percentage of blood being pumped out of your heart, compared to if all the blood was. Nobody has an ejection fraction of 100 or 90 or even 80. Professional athletes will be up around 65-70 and an average human with a healthy heart will be 55-60. My 25-30 was quite low and almost to levels where a transplant would be strongly considered. I was told that once my heart rhythm was fixed, my heart would repair itself to some level. I had another test done on the 13th of August and got the results last Friday and my EF was 50-55! I was really hoping for 40-45, so it went beyond my hopes! They also said that because mine went up so much, so fast, it is quite possible it will get to 55-60. Truly amazing! I can say I feel as good as I can remember. Sure will make all the work ahead fun and desirable.

Good Night from the Keweenaw..