Driving the First Spike

For the past 3-4 months, Nora, Grace, myself, and at times, others have been busy preparing to move our life and belongings approximately 25 miles to the south, southwest. I have been involved in many moves. From the simple relocation to and from my college living space to more complex moves like when I moved from Chicago to the UP. I can say with firm confidence that this move has been far more complex than any of them and we have not even officially moved yet!

We have moved much of the smaller items out of the house and into two storage lockers in Lake Linden. One locker is about 95% full, the other is just starting to have it’s space taken up. The main move will be taking place this Saturday. We have around 11 folks (including Nora and I) and around 5 trucks and trailers all lined up to move things. The entire move should actually go fairly quickly. We are leaving some of the bigger items for the new owners and as mentioned, a lot of the smaller items have already been packed and moved. The move on Saturday will not involve any packing. Just loading onto the trucks or trailers and hauling them to their storage spot and then unloading.

The shop will take up most of the effort on Saturday. I have already brought down most of the smaller items that I could, but am still under the restrictions put on me by the Dr’s following my procedure of a few weeks ago. We will be able to put Big Red to work in doing most of the heavy lifting of the larger machinery, so that will be nice.

Today, my brother and I will be heading down this afternoon to put up one of those frame-type car ports. It will serve as storage for items while we build the workshop. It will also be right next to where we will be temporarily living, as well as friends of ours. That will be the first official mark that we make on the Jacobsville area. Much more will follow, but I am excited as can be just to be putting this car port up and getting the ball rolling!

I do need to mention that because of the activities to take place this weekend, I will not be writing this weekend. So this entry will sort of have to serve for this past Sunday as well as next. I should be able to resume writing on the 18th and hopefully get back into a more regular routine.

The past 10 days did include more than just getting ready for the move. Bleau got fixed on the 26th and is recovering really well. He had to wear the cone of shame for a day or so and then Nora found a more hip and less cumbersome e-collar on line. It is basically an inflatable ring, a lot like a child’s inner tube. He then wore that for another 4-5 days and then has been e-collar free since. “Uncle” Huck has been good about putting up with the extra attention that Bleau has been getting the last week or so.

This past Sunday, Gracie had a landmark birthday. She left the single digits in the dust and turned 10 years old. We celebrated some at our house and then went down to the folks who’s house we are buying for cupcakes (Gracie’s choice and creation!) and more celebrating. We have become very close with the couple that we are buying the house, they are like family, from and look forward to regular gatherings once the move is done.

On Monday, I traveled up the highway for a meeting at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. I was ahead of schedule, so decided to stop at the boat launch on Lake Medora and just relax. There was a line of severe thunderstorms rolling across Lake Superior at the time and as the leading edge of those storms drew close to the Keweenaw Peninsula, I snapped this shot of a roll cloud approaching from the west.

Roll clouds can look very threatening and do usually indicate some strong winds coming. However, they are not shelf clouds, which tornadoes frequently drop out of. As the roll cloud approached, the winds did pick up and I decided to high tail it up to the lodge so that I would not get caught in any heavy rain the approaching clouds might produce. I wish I could say it was all skill, based on my knowledge of the weather, but the truth is, luck had a lot to do with my timing. Just as I stepped into the lodge entry and the door closed behind me, a heavy downpour commenced! It lasted around 20-30 minutes, but I was very glad to have gotten into the safety of the lodge and not have to run through the rain and flashes of lightning.

So I guess that about covers it for this one. It is bittersweet to think that this will be the last entry ever written from this home. It sure has been a roller coaster ride while living here. From the ups of bringing little Grace into it for the first time 10 years ago and all the great times since, to the battles of trying to get over the many health issues I have had in the past 10 years.

I think the first few weeks out of this house will be very strange, but I also believe the excitement involved with our new place of living will help to make the transition a fun one.

Good Night from the Keweenaw..