This is going to be a short one for sure. Not a whole lot exciting happened this week and not a whole lot of exciting things in the near future. I am not complaining, because sometimes the exciting things can be no fun!

Mother nature has certainly taken her foot off the gas pedal for the time being. We are getting regular snows, but just to the tune of a trace to an inch or two. Enough to keep the snowpack fresh and the snowplay good, but not very exciting. Looks like the week ahead will continue the trend of some fresh every day or so, but nothing too big until around Friday and then things may get exciting with a fairly large storm, followed up with a good dose of LES through the weekend.

It did get cold enough this week to be able to resume flooding the ice rink. This first go around sure has been a challenge, complicated by pretty unfavorable weather up until now. We finally have a solid ice sheet with no leaks and now are in the process of flooding the low spots. Grace joined into the flooding fun yesterday and did a great job. There really is a bit of a science to it, especially the shape our ice is in right now. She has a great mind for science and mechanics and was able to fully comprehend the reasoning behind all the madness I was explaining to her.

Today my brother came by and the two of them did a little skating, although about 90 percent of the rink is still way to rough to be able to do more than stumble on. I have put two floods on today and hope for two more. I suspect it is going to take another 5-6 after that and we should have good ice on all of it. Then, maintaining it will be a breeze, just clear the snow with Big Red and flood it once when ever the ice needs resurfacing. I may even make a Zamboni water applicator device for the back of Big Red in the off season, for next season.

My poor sled is still sitting under an apple tree all covered up. This week I did hang all the tongue and groove that had been sitting in the garage since October where the sled will be stored permanently. So I will be getting the sled inside this week and if that snow for the end of the week comes, I may just see about taking a ride.

My final two tidbits revolve the Keweenaw Snowmobile Club. We will be having our third annual bonfire at the Trailside Lodge just north of Calumet. The date is January 25th from 11 am to 2 pm. We will have free hot dogs and brats, as well as chips, sweets, water, hot chocolate and coffee. We would love to have you stop by and meet you as well as chat for a while if you are in the neighborhood. We will also have our latest club merchandise for sale, like ball caps, beanies and sweatshirts.

Secondly, the club is having an all season 50/50 raffle. Meaning tickets have been for sale for about a month and a half already and will remain on sale for another month and a half or so. You will be able to purchase tickets for the raffle at the bonfire, or online at the website:   Some local businesses like M&M Powersports and a few others I cannot remember at the moment are selling them too. 

Until we “meet” again…

Good Night from the Keweenaw..