Crazy times

As much as I wanted to refrain from referencing the events currently affecting our country and our world, I guess it is nearly impossible to do so. It sure has been an interesting week to say the least. The true nature of humans has been brought to light. Some go into raw survival mode very quickly, while others laugh and try to convince others and themselves that this is nothing…just another day ending in “y”. Others practice a watchful, but calm attitude and others toss their own concerns aside and concentrate on what they can do for others. I have no criticism for any of these groups. In my opinion, the variation is exactly what makes us human and different from many other living forms populating this planet.

As far as how the local community is handing things, it has been my observation that some of each group mentioned above exists here. The local Walmart and some other stores in the Houghton/Hancock area have had runs on certain items. I still have not heard why toilet paper has been the hot item, but that was one item that was picked clean from the shelves late this week. I believe it has been replenished, but when I went to the grocery store in Calumet, it was business as usual. Shelves were as fully stocked as they ever are and they did have a special display of TP as you first walked in, but it was about as bare as the special display of tortilla chips they had right next to it.

I have to admit that I was quite pleased and also proud to be living in an area that was practicing measured and calm actions to what is going on. I will also admit that I did buy a package of 12 rolls of TP, but we truly were running low and had it been the last role, I would have likely left it for someone that I hoped needed it more than us. Before you think I am trying to toot my own horn, one thing that did make the move and probably could not have just as easily, is a 35 gallon garbage bag of old socks, shirts and other cotton garments that I use in the shop for finishing and cleaning. That would have been an easy 2 month supply for us, more had we needed to wash and reuse!

The other actions going on up here mirror those in the rest of the nation. Michigan Tech has gone to online classes only. The kindergarten through grade 12 schools have suspended classes through April 5th. The week of April 15-21 was spring break.

All sporting events have been canceled or postponed and most other events that brought more than around 25 people together have been canceled or postponed. 

It will be interesting to see how things progress going forward. I suspect that the US is really just in the early stages of cases. However, I also believe that the restrictions being put in place will help to keep the spread from going as far as it did in other countries. I have been doing some reading on the events in other countries and in all cases, once restrictions on gatherings were put in place, the spread of the virus declined significantly. 

I had a pretty quiet week and there were no notable events to capture on “film”, so I have no pictures to share. We did get some snows on Thursday. It started out as rain, but changed to snow around midday and then came down as “snow bombs” for several hours. I call them snow bombs, as the flakes were 3-4″ in diameter. A sign that they were formed in a relatively warm and very high moisture environment that allowed the edges of the flakes to be sticky and have other flakes stick to them, as well as to grow in size themselves. It sure did whiten everything up again, as it was also very sticky as it fell and stuck to everything here at the surface.

Much of it has since melted, but we look to pick up an inch or two from late tonight through tomorrow and probably a bit more later this week. So anyone still wanting to ride will have plenty of snow to do so on up here. I cannot promise the roads will be covered, as the sun is getting stronger and stronger and is much more apt to melt the snow, but once on the trail, you will be dandy. 

I had thought that once my finger becomes less sensitive to banging it, I would try and sneak in a ride, but it extremely sensitive to the cold. Just a few minutes in even 30 degree weather makes it feel like it is on fire. It is still too swollen and sensitive to put a glove on as well. So I think it is safe to say my season is over for sure. I may even sell this sled and look for something more fitting for my riding style these days, so shoot me an e mail if interested. It is a 2012 M8, 153″. It also has the EZ Ryde curve suspension and I have a set of SLP skis as well as the stock skis. 

So I guess that is it for this one. Have a great week and stay healthy all!

Good night from the Keweenaw..