Breaking Slumber

At long last, the weather has finally decided to emerge out of its pseudo-winter state and into spring. 50’s have become the norm, with even a few 60’s occurring. We have stayed a bit cooler for most of the past week, because of wind out of the east, which puts us in a direct line of fire for the lake chilled air. The lake also adds some moisture, so on a cloudy day, low 50’s can feel more like upper 30’s, but overall, it has been a much welcomed change to our weather scenario.

The snows are leaving at a steady pace. The only places which still have a pretty solid cover on the ground are the Keweenaw from around Phoenix north. There are still patches in places like Calumet and Mohawk and of course the piles from moving it are still around as well. Here in Jake, we have been without snow on the ground for about 10-12 days and the grass is beginning to green. Still mostly the pale green/tan that shows up when the snow first melts, but areas that receive more sunlight do have a more pronounced amount of green in them.

Other than that, things are kinda slow in these parts. Pretty much the norm for this time of the year. Some of the snowbirds have returned from the south, but the majority of them will probably be arriving more towards the end of the month.

I continue to ease my way into feeling better. It has been a pretty slow process, with some days better than others, but most certainly a movement in the right direction and today was probably my best day since coming down with pneumonia in early March and probably one of the better feeling days for me since last September or October. The girls have been doing great, counting down the days until this school year is history. I believe they have 4 more weeks. Pretty crazy to think that Grace will be starting 8th grade next year. It is really starting to settle in that she will not be living with us for that much longer! When they say it goes fast, believe me, they are right!

So I guess that about covers it for this one. Have a Happy Mothers Day all of you mothers and We shall meet again in a week!

Good Night from the Keweenaw..