Beginning of the End

While the title of this week’s entry might sound prophetic, it really is pretty standard procedure this time of the year in most snow seasons. Sure March has provided some whopper snow storms and this one might just pull that our of the hat, but March is typically the time of the year where the stronger sun starts to eat into the snowpack. Even with big dumps, a few days of sunshine and temps near freezing can eat most of the new snow away and leave the old, dull stuff standing against the elements.

The true beginning of the end typically is more towards mid-March, but because we have been relatively snow free for over 6 weeks, this year it seems to be happening sooner. The weekend provided beautiful weather for all of us in the Keweenaw that have seen snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving, but also ate into the snowpack across the region. I lost around 5-6″, while some others look to have lost nearly a foot. 

There is still plenty of snow to play in, so folks should not be thinking of tossing in the towel as far as coming up here to snow play. The same can e said for many UP locations in the lake snow belts, even some outside of the LES belts.

As far as happenings up here, most of the locals seem to be pleased that we have reached March and can see light at the end of the tunnel as far as true winter weather goes. Although it also seems like most are nervously watching over their shoulder for potential trouble!

The CopperDog Sled-dog race happened this past weekend. I was planning to join Grace and Nora work a crossing near Lake Linden with some friends, but Huck had an upset stomach Friday morning and it worried me so that I just decided to stay home with him to keep him from feeling any stress. Bleau was spending the night with some co-workers of Nora to get him get more acclimated for when we might be out of town and cannot have him come with us.

From what I have heard, the race went well and without any major incidents. The weather was nearly ideal, with the exception of possibly getting a bit too warm for the dogs on Sunday. I believe that this may have been the only race I have missed since it’s inception. There have been a few years where I went to the race’s start on Friday and flew out to snowmobile in Wyoming on Saturday and there were many years where we manned a crossing all on our own.

Not much else is going on. My finger is healing slowly but surely. It still has a constant dull pain and at times it feels like it is on fire and other times throbs pretty bad, but overall, each day is a little better than the last. I did go into see the Dr about it last Tuesday and he said it looked to be healing well and have a return visit scheduled for tomorrow. Regardless, I believe my snowmobile season ended before it could even start. Yep, this will be the first season in my history of living here that I did not ride and first time since 1991 that I did not ride here! Pretty good streak I’d say.

I have not been letting my finger injury keep me from working on the shop. I did take Monday and Tuesday of last week off, but after speaking to the Dr about any limitations was back at it Wednesday. I have made very good progress and with the help of a friend Wednesday and then Nora and another friend yesterday, I now have all my big machinery in place. Now I just need to put some of them fully back together, get power running to them as well as some lights in the shop and I will be in business!

It really is hard to believe that it is already March! Seems like just a few weeks ago, it was early January. I have a feeling that March will fly by and the mud month will be upon us. No worries, I will have plenty to do in the shop and office to keep me from going stir crazy.

Well, I guess that covers it for this one, even though it is 10 am, I am going to stick with tradition.

Good night from the Keweenaw..