Back On The Island

BOTI! Back on the Island…and boy does is feel good! Hey, that might make a good t-shirt. BOTI. I guess it could also mean Better on the Island! Anyway, my pretty-regular trip to southern WI to attend the Milwaukee Snowmobile Snow is over and it feels as good as ever to be back home. This was a unique trip for me, as I traveled alone. Both Nora and Gracie had stuff going on and Gracie also got into a play last minute. I was totally bummed to miss the play, but was able to catch the rehearsal they had on Wednesday.
It was strange to be traveling down that way all alone. I cannot even remember the last time that I did it without Gracie, Nora and I don’t think I have ever made the trip without at least one furry child. I did get to visit with my mom a bit on Thursday afternoon and evening and again on Friday and also got to briefly visit with my older brother.
The show seemed to be a pretty good one. I did not walk around the entire hall, but did walk around half of it and it seemed like the selection of things was better than it has been recently and the crowds seemed pretty good as well. We were never swamped, but pretty steady Friday night and Saturday.
It was awesome to see so many of you there. I really consider this site a kind of family, so it was nice to meet so many good folks. I did not keep track of how many folks I did meet, but would have to estimate it at several hundred, if not more.
I was able to leave 2 hours before the show closed on Saturday and then took right off for home. After a bit of driving in circles, trying to get onto the expressway (really Milwaukee, why close ALL the entrance ramps!), I was on my way and got home last night around midnight.
Nora and I almost passed in the night, as she is on her way to central WI for a training seminar, although we did get to spend some time together last night and this morning and she will be back Tuesday evening. So a pretty short trip for her and it will be nice to have the whole family together once she is back on Tuesday.
For those of you waiting for her second entry, it will come next week. Because we need to coordinate together to get it posted, and first I was out of town and now her, we did not have the chance to compile things. So that is why you are stuck with me again!
So it is for sure autumn up here now. The colors are at full peak. This was
the look from our front porch this morning. The pups and I took a very short walk in the woods this afternoon and this was the look from there. It is also a very beautiful autumn day up here, with tons of blue sky and temps in the upper 50’s. While walking through the woods, it was fun to look up and see the colors of the trees accented by the background of the blue skies.
Gracie had left with her uncle on a road trip to Copper Harbor to see the colors and Nora was getting ready for her trip, so it was just
the pups and I, but we still had fun. My brother was gracious enough to come over to the house and feed and take care of the pups when I was away. He even went the extra mile to take them for some walks in the woods. So it was nice to know that they were in such good hands when I was away and Nora was busy at work, or taking Gracie to the rehearsals for the play and then the play itself.
Those were the only pictures I have to share with you this week, but I promise you that they will not be the only color pictures I share with you this season. The weather looks a little questionable for leaf peeping tomorrow, but later Tuesday and into Wednesday and Thursday look like it will provide some opportunities for taking them in.
I really do not have a whole lot more to talk about, other than the Keweenaw Snowmobile Club will be holding their trail work session this coming Friday and Saturday. We will be meeting at the Trailside Lodge both Friday and Saturday morning at 9:30 to organize, get our marching orders and then head out. It looks like the weather will be OK. Perhaps a few flakes of snow or scattered showers later Friday. If you want to head up and help out, the
Trailside Lodge and D’s Basecamp are both offering free lodging for workers and I will be cranking out the smoked brisket and pulled pork for Saturdays dinner.
Speaking of snowflakes, we did have our first ones fly Thursday around midday. I did not see them as I was headed down for the snowmobile show, but both my brother and Gracie reported them to me, so I will take that as official!
I did release my seasonal outlook last Monday and while there were no dramatic fireworks associated with it, my general thinking is that most folks will be at least OK with what this winter brings to most of the Midwest. I cannot see any reason to say that record breaking cold and snow will occur for anyone, but it will be at least an average winter for snow and cold. I can also add that I am encouraged by the warm autumn we have had thus far. I ran into quite a few folks at the show this weekend that were worried, but based on my knowledge and experience, a warm autumn can be a better sign for the upcoming winter than a cold one.
So I guess that about covers it for this one, except to let you all know that a good friend of mine and guide at Togwotee Mountain Lodge just had a special series of videos posted to YouTube highlighting his story. He is a great guide and an even better person and I encourage you all to
check it out here.
Good night from the Keweenaw..