As it should be.

It may not be desirable in most folks eyes, but the clouds, showers and temps in the 40’s and 50’s this past week was quite uplifting for this Northwoods Boy. As I traveled out and about this week, I did so with a smile on my face most of the time and it was because all seemed as it should be in this land at this time of the year. For sure the Keweenaw can have its warm and fuzzy moments, but for me the main attraction is the raw and natural beauty that it holds. The historic autumn storms, the crippling snowstorms and yes, the warm and sunny days of summer.

So, to me, the overcast days, with periods of rain and drizzle and chilly winds fit right in with my vision of the Keweenaw. The interesting thing is, I feel like I share that same sediment with many of the folks that live up here. In many other areas, such weather would have brought about a significant amount of complaining, but up here, the folks just sort of took it as it comes. Much like they do when we get pounded with snow all winter long. Perhaps they do feel the same way I do, but just do not outwardly vocalize it. In any case, the weather was very real up here this week and it feels good.

I can say that Monday we had a beautiful day, with temps topping out in the upper 60’s, sunshine and a nice breeze. It allowed me to get a lot of the outdoor chores on my list done. I was able to replace the weather stripping on the bottom of the front doors to our house. I also was able to replace the entire door to the shop, get the grass cut nice and short and even put up some siding on the utility room addition. The final three jobs will not take too long, but do need dry weather to do. They are to build shelters for the pool heater/pump/filter and also for the generator, as well as fix some of the ice melt cable on the roof of the addition. It looks like tomorrow and Thursday will be my best chances to get those done.

The color show is getting ramped up around here. As is always the case, some areas are further along than others. I took a trip down to Twin Lakes this morning to try and get the web cam at Krupp’s Resort going and the trees there are probably a few days away from peak. I would guess the second half of this week will be the peak for them. The leaves up this way are about 50/50 and look like they will be nearing peak next weekend and probably reach peak early next week. It looks like it is going to be a good show this year. Despite that last picture, most of the trees are in a pretty equal level of change and the colors look to be quite vivid.

That last shot was taken soon after I arrived back from my attempt to fix the cam at Krupp’s (I could not figure it out, but left them with some tips to try and it should be going fairly soon) and we then proceeded to head out into the woods for a walk. This is probably one of my favorite times of the year to walk in the woods and with a beautifully painted canopy above us like we had, its no wonder. A second trip into the woods is actually planned for after dinner this evening.

With all the cool and wet weather of late, the fungi have been blossoming in the woods big time. Spring and autumn are the prime seasons for the mushrooms, but I think our spring weather is so topsy-turvy that they do not grow as well as in the autumn. I do not care for mushrooms to eat, so I am not even tempted to research any of them to see if they are edible, but I am fascinated by all the different varieties, shapes and sizes that exist. Perhaps on the walk this evening we will come across more and I can share next week.

The “shrooms” are not the only thing clinging to the trees in our woods of late. Gracie has been having a blast climbing as many as she can. She is not afraid to high at all, which warranted the idea of her getting a rock climbing helmet to wear while climbing. She thought it was a great idea, so no selling was needed. She even HAD to get out into the woods to try it out when we got home on Thursday, even though there was some light rain falling. If she keeps going higher, we might have to add to her fall-protection with a harness and safety line! It sure is fun to watch her climb. She can really get herself into a pickle, but does not panic and always finds away out of it!

Perhaps the biggest news this past week was the snow that fell Friday night and Saturday morning. I did not see any fly at our house, but while we were at the farmers market in Calumet yesterday morning, it was snowing! Hard to tell from that pic, but there is a white streak in the image on the far right, over the road and another on the back of the dark blue mini-van. Some places even had enough fall overnight to whiten the ground. Here is a shot taken from the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Saturday morning. Not really enough for even the “rock”-skis, but it was cool to see the flake flying!

Things have been going pretty good in the puppy department. Bleau is getting along very well with Momma-Millie and Uncle Huck. They are not shy about putting him in his place, but are also fair about it. They could be a little bit more gentle when they play with him. He seems to think they are trying to kill him, but Huck and Millie have always played very rough with each other, so there is still some adjustments to be made by all three of them when it comes to play. He is still having accidents in the house, but the past 3 days or so they have been less numerous. Yesterday he made it through the entire day accident free and then sort of made up for it from around 7-8:30 pm. Both Nora and I think that he gets moody when he is tired, as he really becomes a little brat. Biting, barking and messing the house. This all happens like the flick of a light switch and also stops just as suddenly. Only when it stops, he is out sleeping. There is no question that he has a very strong will and is adventuresome, but also has a heart of gold. He made two trips to the school this week and absolutely loves interacting with the kids and staff. It is almost like he knows the school is future.

I think that about covers it for this one. A reminder, the Keweenaw Snowmobile Club is holding its annual trail work session on October 19-20. Free lodging is being offered to workers at the Trailside Lodge in Calumet and Lac La Belle Lodge in Lac La Belle. I met with our groomer boss this week to get started on making a list of jobs to be done and will be meeting with him again this week to do more work. There will be plenty to do, so all are welcomed!

Good night from the Keweenaw..