A loss for words

It’s not what some of you probably think when you read the title. Nothing so dramatic has happened that it has left me at a loss for words. On the contrary, the last week has been rather uneventful and has left be with a loss for words!

I guess it is fairly usual to not have a bunch to say this time of the year. The snow has been slowly, but steadily melting. We have lost close to another foot since last weekend, but the meltdown has been controlled enough as to not cause any major issues with flooding up here.

Around our house, the most noticeable result of the melting has been the nearly complete appearance of the driveway! The scraping I did of the mat around 2 weeks ago really made a huge difference, as we went from snow covered to bare without any issues. In fact, even Nora had commented on how well the driveway meltdown went this year.

There is still plenty of snow up here in the un-plowed areas. Around 3 feet on average. Some spots more and some less, but still plenty to play in if one were not overly concerned about the quality of the snow. I know that we have continued to groom the trails we can and reports are that they are still in pretty good shape in most cases. Time is running out though. Just 7 more full days of riding left!

About the only news I have to share with you is that the local ice rink in Calumet is one of the final 4 candidates for the Kraft Hockeyville award. The winning rink gets to host an NHL exhibition game and $150,000 to use as rink upgrades. The voting for the winner of the final 4 begins next Saturday at 7 am eastern time and ends at 11 am on Sunday, the next day. You need to register to vote and can do so here: https://www.krafthockeyville.com/#default
So I am hoping everyone will take the time to register and cast their vote to help Calumet win! The rink is really the hub of activity up here, hosting hockey games from beginner through high school and then into JR’s and mens league. It also is where Gracie takes her figure skating lessons and has her shows. Very cool place and the oldest running indoor rink in the WORLD!

I guess that does it for this one!

Good night from the Keweenaw..