AL Cam

The image is updated every 5 minutes between about 8:30 AM and 6 PM Eastern Time. 

Check out the Woods Cam at the Dee’s
The trees behind the snow station reduce the depth in this area by about 20-25% of actual. 

You may need to right click on the image and hit “Reload Frame” or “Refresh Frame” to see the latest picture.
The picture may be a little washed out from 8-10:30 am due to white balance issues with the camera.

Deepest Depth 00/01

Deepest Depth 01/02

Deepest Depth 02/03

Deepest Depth 03/04

Deepest Depth 04/05

Deepest Depth 05/06

Deepest Depth 06/07

Deepest Depth 07/08

Deepest Depth 08/09

Deepest Depth 09/10

Deepest Depth 10/11

Deepest Depth 11/12

Front of House Shot
Updated February 21, 2017

Snow Data as of
9 am February 21, 2017

New Snow in the Past 24 hours:


Snow Cover at
9 AM:


Season total
to date:




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