The most beautiful soul I have ever known - John Dee

First time Nora and I met Huck and Millie. 
First time they were ever outside and first time in the snow. 
Millie was scared and Huck comforted her.

Cuddling at their new home.

Hey Dad, here's a close up for you.

Are you going to sleep in here with us?

Dinner Time!

The first tug-of-war

First Family Picture

Nap Time with Mom

Cuddling with sis

Hey bro, move over, I want to get out!

Adventure in the spring snow

Romping in the creek

Romping on the beach

Romping in the woods

Nap time with the bunny

The hunter

Puppy Pancakes

Helping Dad work

First ATV ride!

Car Ride!

Dad says I'm a stud. I wonder what that means?

Air Huck

Top of Baldy with Mom

Stupid dew claws!

Argh, school is so boring

Mom is down in Texas to watch Gracie be born.

Playing in the mud while mom is out of town!

Walking in the woods

Cannon Ball!

Air Huck #2


I nice family walk

Snooze time

It's Snowing!

Keeping a lookout for Sis!

Training for the CopperDog

Rough Housing in the Snow

Turns into MMA!

Grooming Time

Nice Chuck Dad!

I only do this for Gracie!

Safer up here!

Babysitting My Sister

Stare Down

OH, that breath! Haha, just kidding Huckie!


Stay awake sis, the movie's almost over.

OK, we can finish watching like this.

A romp in the woods.

Helping Grace slug down here bubba

Can I come too?
Snuggling with his sis.

All I want is a drink!

Pick'en Berries. YUM!

Chew Toy!

More Chilling

Snow's Deep!

You wanna go first? or do you want me to?

Blazing through the woods in chase

Getting some protein

Nothing like a truck ride!

More SnowPlay

It's dumping Dad!

Swirlie Time!

He LOVED his little Sister

Sleeping in

OK, we can both bring it in!

Holy Cow! Dad's in the water, let's GO!

The end of a walk in the woods

Nap plus a Huckie Hug

When Gracie helps Huck get ready for a nap

Again...I only do this for Grace!!!

A three way tug-of-war

In the tall grass

Happy Birthday!

Play time!

Inspecting the addition

Helped Dad paint

Come on sis! Toss the Fetch!

OK, I'm gonna grab it!


We did it!

Another nap time

Top of the Hill

Watching old Burt and Baileys videos

Truck Ride!

Follow me Sis!

The Nobleman overseeing his realm

Spring Snow

Keeping Graces car seat warm

Dolphin Dog Ride

Shop Dogs

Heading back to the ranch

WOW! This water is warm!

A little help getting out.

Yum! Mom grows the best tomatoes!

More SnowPlay

Boy, this is a nice beach. I wish we lived closer!

I think this is where Dad keeps his shop snacks!

After a rough day at the office.

SxS ride with Dad!

Nothing like the Sun

Hey Mills, don't you just love it when mom drops a pizza on the floor?!

Early morning walks

Chocolate Mess!

Hucky to the rescue!

I wonder what I can make with this in the shop?

Playing with Sister

Some work on the left rear wheel.

Heading home.

TLC from Gracie

Free of the cone!

Back in "wraseling" mode!

Early November Snows are FUN!

Early December. It's getting deep, Eh Sis?

It's Santa!

We've been really good Santa!

Rudolph, you're our FAVORITE reindeer! How about a treat?

Board of Directors meeting in Dad's office.

Happy Birthday to US! Can somebody fix my hat?

Roof Play

More Roof Play

Best Seat in the House.

Hey, Who's the New Kid?

Schools in session

Swimming Lessons

Smell that Kid? Smells like dinner.

Nap Time

Hunting in the snow.

Getting ready for the sad goodbye to Miss Milly

I Love You Bro and will see you in heaven

I Love You Too Sis. Your were the best sister a guy could have.

Don't worry Kid, it's not forever.

Sleeping in at the Camper,

Overseeing the BarnDeeminimum build

Windy September Day at the Beach

More Construction to Oversee.

A rare game of chase with Bleau.


Heading to the Shop

Keeping a lookout.

Please, Please, Oh Please spill some ingredients!

Heading to the Chapel.

Made it!

Rolling in the Sand.

Those Beautiful Eyes.

Sunday Afternoon Nap.

Mom's Cucumbers are good!

Testing the Game Cam with Dad.

Seniority has it's perks!

Gnawing a Deer Bone.

Hucky Kisses!

Good-Bye Hucky.

We Will All Meet Again.