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October 13, 2022

General Ideas:

The Forecast Text, Forecast Graphics and Snow Church will start December 1!

1-4 Day Forecast:

5-10 Day Forecast:

Seasonal Outlook

The Seasonal Outlook for the Winter of 2022-2023 will be a little delayed in coming out. Due to my hospitalization for nearly the entire month of September and subsequent trips out of town for doctor visits, I plan to release my seasonal outlook on October 26th. My apologies, but health comes first!!!



December 17, 2021


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General Ideas:

Cooler air has taken over all of the region and looks to hang out through the next 10 days, with most of the Northwoods remaining below freezing for highs. Light snows still look to fall across the far north from time to time in the next 4 days. The 5-10 day period also sees several snow events to impact the northern 1/3rd of the region. Unfortunately chances for a white Christmas south of a line from around Rochester MN to Milwaukee WI to Detroit MI look to be low.

1-4 Day Forecast:

Things will be fairly quiet across most of the region during the day today and then by late in the day some snows will break out in NE SD and SE NE, as well as west central MN. Those snows will then work east and impact the rest of central MN, all of the UP and northern WI with some light totals tonight. Most totals with that activity still look to be around 1-2″, with some 2″+ totals possible in ND and far west central MN.

That system will then finish up across the UP and northern lower MI on Saturday, with totals of 1-3″ in most cases.

Sunday looks to be fairly quiet in all of the region and into Monday. A shot of cooler air Monday does look to generate a bit of LES in the UP snow belts, with most totals in the 1-4″ range. The next clipper type system will also develop snows in ND in the wee morning hours on Tuesday. More on that below.

Temps for most of next 4 days look to remain below freezing for daytime highs in most areas north of around I-80 . The exception looks to be WI and lower MI on Tuesday, when some mid 30’s look to occur.

5-10 Day Forecast:

The forecast for this time frame continues to have OK agreement among the models. There are some small differences, but the general idea for a fairly zonal (west to east) upper air low remains. As mentioned, this zonal flow would not allow any strong systems to develop, but there do look to be several weak to even moderate clipper type systems that will work from west to east and bring chances for snow every 1-2 days.

The clipper that develops snows in ND in the pre-dawn hour Tuesday is indicated to bring a general 2-5″ to the northern 1/2 of MN, WI and lower MI, as well as all of the UP, with some LES to add a few more inches to those totals in the UP Tuesday night. The first half of the week looks to see the snows favor the far northern Midwest, but by the second half of the week, the snows look to impact many areas north of I-80.

Temps look to run average to a bit below for the weekend and next week as well, with the freeze line across southern MN and central sections of WI/lower MI for most of the period.

Seasonal Outlook for Winter 2021-22