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March 5, 2021

SnowScoop Video Forecast

General Ideas:

No major changes. Quiet until the middle of next week, when rains look to impact all of the Midwest. Some light snows are possible by the end of next week in the northern Midwest.

1-4 Day Forecast:

The next 4 days see no new snows or rains to fall across the region. 

Temps will run above freezing in most of the Midwest today, with temps in most of the UP look to run around 28-32. By Sunday, the UP will join the rest of the region in above freezing high temps.

5-10 Day Forecast:

No new snows seen for Monday or Tuesday.

By Wednesday, an area of low pressure looks to bring rains to all of the Midwest and the prospects for any snow in the Dakotas and NW MN are also gone.

Some light snows could fall in southern MN, central WI and northern lower MI by Thursday and then up across most of the Northwoods by Friday. totals with both of those events look to be in the 1-3″ range.

Temps through Wednesday of next week look to top out above freezing for highs in just about all of the region and then most of the Northwoods look to run at to below freezing for daytime highs.


Seasonal Outlook for Winter 2020-21