Forecast Text



August 18, 2017

Note: The text is abbreviated in the warm season forecasts, so see the maps for more.


A few spotty showers will be possible in the west and far northeast today and then into sections of northern WI, the UP and SE Midwest tomorrow, otherwise things will be mainly dry for today and tomorrow.

By later Sunday, the next weather system looks to be spreading rains into the west and by Monday, those rains will be expanding into the central Midwest. See maps for more.

Temps will be running near average through the period, with 70’s in the northern 1/3rd and 80’s in the south.


The rains in the west and central Monday will slip into the east by Tuesday and then things look to quiet back down for the rest of the week.

Temps look to run average for the first half of next week and then falling to below average for the end of the week.

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