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Nov. 4
- Just waiting on winter.

Nov. 10 - First snows of the season!

Nov. 17 - Last weeks snows melted, but snows are back again

Nov. 28 -Back to the starting gate.

Dec. 1 -All white again.

Dec. 12 -Did not see the big LES like was thought late last week and in a holding pattern right now.

Dec. 16 -Survived the thaw ok and picked up a bit of fresh, still falling way behind average and would like that to change!

Dec. 26 -'Twas the day after Christmas and waiting for more snow

Jan. 10 -Only the 10th of Jan and we already are into our second major January Thaw. At least the dogs are having fun in this pic!

Jan. 12 -Oh the weather outside is fightfull...and that's just the way I like it!

Jan. 18 - Snows are finally falling with regularity

Jan. 20 - She's comin' down good now hanke!

Jan. 24 - 16.5" in the past 25 hours. It's a winter wonderland!

Feb. 6 - At the tail end of a 7 day thaw. Really a bummer of a winter

Feb. 10 - A few inches to freshen things up

Feb. 21 - Been far too quiet for far too long

Feb. 22
- SURPRISE! Expecting 1-2" and ended up with 7! Nice!!!

Feb. 27 - Deepest depth of the season and more on the way.

March 1 - Another 10" makes 36" in 10 days. I'm not crying mercy yet!

March 14 - 2 Weeks later, melting fast