The Front of House Shot: 2005-2006 Season

2001-2002 Season

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2004-2005 Season


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Nov. 18 - The first real accumulation and was it a doosy!!!

Nov. 29 - Darn rain and warm temps, but looks like winter is near.

Dec. 2 - Winter is here, bet I have to shovel the roof before Christmas!

Dec. 6 - Yep, looks like the roof will need it soon!

Dec. 12 - Ok, a clean roof, ready for more. BRING IT ON!!!

. 12 - Bit of a snow drought going on for the past 3 weeks.

Jan. 17 - Starting to ease back into winter.

Jan. 24 - A pretty clear roof again and I will not complain if I have to do it again before spring arrives!

Feb. 13 - It's been a long stretch without any big snows, but looks like that is changing.

. 21 - Nice!  Looks like the roof will need it again!

Feb. 23 - I know it's only 2 days later, but this is a classic I had to include.

Mar. 9 - Two weeks later.  Liked things 2 weeks ago better!.

. 14 - Winter is back!

Mar. 31 - Spring is here, the roof is almost bare.

Apr. 10 - Roof is clear as are the bushes, snow on the grass is going....

. 17 - Going...

May 22 - Gone.
Actually snow left April 20th