The Front of House Shot: 2004-2005 Season

2001-2002 Season

2002-3003 Season

2003-3004 Season

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Oct. 17 - The first accumulation!

Nov. 25 - A Happy Thanksgiving, is this the start of winter?

Dec. 10 - Barely hanging on, but forecast looks pretty good.

Dec. 14 - Ahhhh...That's more like it!

Dec. 22 - Looks like a white Christmas!

Dec. 28 - A clean roof and ready for more.

Jan. 12 - A little bit of fresh today, with more on the way!

Jan. 17 - Getting pretty deep (35") for only the middle of January!

Jan. 25 - Roof was cleared about 5 days ago, but adding to the snow up there already!

Feb. 1 - All quiet for a while, waiting for winter to reload

Feb. 4 - The thaw is almost over, I am ready to see the flakes fall again!

Feb. 10 - Enough to cover things up, but waiting for the big one again!

Feb. 22 - Winter is back!

March 1 - Deepest depth of the season so far - 44"

March 15 - Still doing pretty well, but spring riding can't be too far off!

March 22
- Still deep, but looks like Old Man Winter may be packing it in.

March 30 - Spring is here and time is running out to play in the snow.

April 11 - Snow is going fast, spring is here for sure.

April 15 - Boat is home and the last of the snow is going...

April 18 - Going...

April 20 - Gone.