The Front of House Shot: 2003-2004 Season

2001-2002 Season

2002-3003 Season

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Nov. 7 - The first plow-snow!

Nov. 24 - Will this last the season?

Dec. 10 - Hoping this is the start of something good!

Jan.2 - Still struggling to get going, but that may change next week!

Jan. 7 - Finally looks like January in the Keweenaw!

Jan. 22 - Getting deep, will the January snowfall record be broke?

Feb.10 - Deepest depth of the season so far - 40"!

Feb.19 - An almost clear roof- unique sight this time of year.

March 3 - A totally clear roof, not a nice sight this time of the year!

March 16 - Snow is back on the roof, but for how long?

March 26 - Spring is here for sure, but sled is ready for one last ride!

April 2 - Christmas lights are down - spring must be here!

April 7 - Chipping away at the snowpack.

April 17 - Going...Going...

April 26 - GONE